9 signs you’re not their priority.

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Everyone hopes to meet their soul mate, the one specially made for them. But life doesn’t always turn out that way. Sometimes you are dating someone who checks off all your boxes. Yet, you don’t check off theirs. Here’s how to tell if you’re the option.

They invite and uninvite

You make plans with them for dinner on a Saturday night. You’ve told all your friends about it, and already know what you’ll be wearing. Yet by Saturday morning you’re still waiting for the details. They haven’t told you where you’re going, or what time they’re picking you up.

A few hours before you’re…

Maybe I’m in the minority, but I think they’re helpful

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Keep bragging people.

I’m in the minority on Medium. I like reading stories about how you made thousands of dollars here.

I don’t care if you brag about your earnings. Brag all you want. It makes me happy to hear somebody rose from poverty and found a path to success.

Yet, I just read an article with over a thousand claps from someone who doesn’t want to hear about people’s rags to riches stories. Many people agreed with the writer, and that’s fine.

I didn’t. And I don’t mind being in the minority.

How I found Medium

The truth is, I wouldn’t be writing…


Don’t fall for that fluffy face with the cool sunglasses

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Do you see that cute fluffy cat that’s living with you? You know, the one with the sunglasses? Watch out. He could be a narcissist. Here’s how to tell.

1. He’s self-centered and craves admiration

Is your cat self-centered? Does he spend his time admiring his new sunglasses in the mirror? Does he expect your whole family to tell him how amazing and adorable he is? Those are classic cat signs of narcissism.

You don’t feed a special cat like this bargain cat food on a paper plate. No. He deserves the best. He expects freshly caught salmon in a china bowl with his name engraved…

She saw the signs before they did.

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“Mommy, is Dad working late again?” Her little boy looked sad.

“Yes. I’m sorry,” the young mother said, kissing him good night.

This happened every day. Her husband was a workaholic and was barely ever home. He worked 12 hour days, 6 days a week. It wasn’t an hourly job — his long days were voluntary for his brother’s business. And his job was far away, so he took their only car.

She couldn’t afford a babysitter, so she was stuck at home 24–7. She tried working remotely, but it was impossible with two small children and a baby to…

And I’ll always be grateful

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After my father died, my mother was going through a hard time. Her stress was overwhelming. Unfortunately, she took it out on me. Sensitive and obedient, I was an easy target.

I try to put myself in her shoes. She now had to raise two little girls by herself. There was a mortgage to pay, and a pile of bills. There were also numerous medical bills. My father had died of cancer, and no organization would help her financially. In a time when most women were housewives, my mother had to go out and work full time.

In the beginning…

And what to do about it

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I once reached a point in my life where I felt hopeless and stuck. Even though I worked full time, I didn’t have enough money to cover my basic expenses. After paying bills, I barely had enough left for food. I was tired of leaning on well-meaning friends for help with groceries.

One day, I waited in a line of cars for some free produce they were handing out. I hoped no one I knew would see me. It was embarrassing, but I wasn’t the only one who had to resort to charity. …

So don’t call her that

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There’s an older woman who lives down the street. She’s a tenured professor with grown children. Yet the other day, a rude stranger pushed past her in a grocery store.

“Move over grandma.”

That was not acceptable.

Her husband is the father of her grown children. In fact, he’s older than her. Yet no one ever calls him grandpa. They wouldn’t dare.

Why do we assume that a woman over 50 or 60 is definitely a grandma?

Don’t believe me? Read news articles out there

“A 60-year-old grandma was injured.”

Have you ever read anywhere that a 60-year-old grandpa was injured?

No, you will read that A 60-year-old…

Writing Humor

When your opinion of your writing changes on an hourly basis

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I’ve spent hours banging out a story. I’m feeling pretty confident. I send it out to my favorite publication and wait.

I’m counting the hours. Then the days. Sometimes it’s weeks.

Then I get a note

I’m so excited.

What? They didn’t accept it? This hurts. It hurts a lot.

I’m a disaster. Why did I even start writing in the first place? Who in the world told me I could write? What did that teacher know in the eighth grade anyway?

Defeated, I stare at the piece I sent them. I’m analyzing it, and they were right. It’s bland, there’s no spice to it…

And it hurt so bad

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When I first met you, your talent blew me away. I couldn’t believe how well you played your guitar and the beautiful songs that flowed out of the strings. We were both musicians and when we played our music together, it was the closest to heaven that I had ever felt.

Finally, someone understood me. Finally, someone noticed my talent too.

As time went on, I noticed how you loved helping people. I watched you help an old man down the street. You bought groceries for the down and out. I thought you were the most wonderful human being in…

Be careful before you tie the knot.

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On their wedding day, you never saw two happier people. She wore her mother’s pearls. He read her a poem he wrote for her at their wedding. She’d hired the best photographer in the area to capture all their precious moments. He booked them a dream vacation to Hawaii. They had so many exciting plans for their future. Yet ten years later, they were divorced.

According to statistics, 50 percent of people who get married end up in divorce. If you want your union to last, you need to have qualities that ensure your relationship will endure.

Unfortunately, there are…

L.A. Strucke

Writer and songwriter. Interests include music, poetry, art, and all things creative. Editor of The Creative Project.

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