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Think you’re involved with a narcissist? Many people do. If you search the internet you will think everyone is a narcissist. Even though many people have narcissistic traits, true narcissists only make up .5 percent — a small percentage of the population. And 75% of them are men.

Here are seven signs that you’ve entered the frightening world of a narcissist.

Everything they do is to benefit themselves. You are just a means to an end. If they need your help for whatever reason, they will ring up your phone. When you aren’t needed for something, you will not hear from them for days. They won’t care about your feelings. …


It’s easier than you think

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I just watched a social media influencer who posted a video of her teen daughter acting silly on YouTube. I knew without a doubt that there would be hell to pay for this woman at home.

Soon things will be back to normal again and social distancing will end. When that happens, here are 15 ways you can embarrass your children.

  1. Post embarrassing photos or videos of them on social media. Awkward dancing and bad singing will be ideal. Make sure you share them with their friend’s parents.

2. Brag about how well they sing and insist they put on a performance for your friends — on the spot. …

A poem about loss

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My cat’s washing his paws
Next to my unwashed head
Withering on the couch
Outside I hear sirens
Screaming in the distance
Feel reassured that my
Family is safe yet distant
From my local tragedies

The heater turns on
And I hear the heat blowing
Through the rooms of an empty house
Although I never feel the warmth
Permeating my chilled bones
It’s dark, cloudy, and gloomy today
I need the lights on to see
All of my mistakes

I haven’t eaten or showered
Or cleaned the house
Would it matter if I did?
Outside some chimes ring
And across the street
I hear weekend people laughing
I don’t know them
I’ve never heard their…

How to stop them from derailing your dreams

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In life, you will meet people that don’t have your best interests at heart. Once you read this list, you will realize they are all around you. Learn to recognize what their agenda is and their reasons for discouraging you, so you won’t let them sabotage your success.

1. Your parents with their own agenda.

Pity the songwriter who was born into a family of doctors. Everyone in your family has been a doctor, and all of their children are expected to follow. There are no other options in your family. …

How to stop this self-destructive cycle.

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Your friends shake their heads. They can’t believe you’re going back to the same person again. They know how much you’ve been hurt, how this person doesn’t value you as they should. Your friends have told you numerous times to cut all ties, and never go back. And yet something inside you wants to give the one you love another chance. Even though you know they’re never going to change, you still have a tiny spark of hope.

Why — despite all reason, do you keep returning to them? …

Cheating before the marriage is still cheating.

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This is a true story about a honeymoon confession. It was a confession that would forever change a couple’s destiny.

She’d met him in college and it was love at first sight. They both liked cats and dogs, poetry, astronomy, and long conversations.

They’d dated for a year before he took a job out of state. She was heartbroken and afraid she’d never see him again. He said not to worry and promised he’d still come to see her on weekends.

She attended college and lived for the weekends when she’d see him again. He would drive for three hours to see his family and she’d drive an hour northeast to meet up with him at his parents’ house. …

Unless you don’t mind competing for love

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Falling for a musician is not for the faint of heart. Musicians are charismatic, often good-looking people, with talent and charisma. It can be a dangerous combination, especially for an insecure partner.

Since many of you hopeless romantics will ignore this well-meaning advice and dive right in, don’t say I didn’t warn you not to date them.

There will always be fans chasing them.

Musicians play at events. And at events, there are fans. Some of the fans border on obsessive. A lot of these fans will be young and gorgeous. …

How to tell if they’re the real thing.

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Some people you date will only waste your time. They will never be a good match for you. Genuine people are rare, and being in a relationship with them is wonderful. They’re the kind that will stay with you. You can tell early on if someone is worth getting involved with by paying attention to these 5 signs.

They focus on you and the relationship — not themselves.

All of us have been there. You’re out on a date and the person sitting across from you spends the entire evening talking about themselves. You can’t get a word in, no matter how hard you try. …

I never imagined a world shut down

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I never imagined this time or place
Forced to wear a mask upon my face
Where the fear of germs kept me away
From my friends and family every day

I never imagined a world shut down
Where I couldn’t travel from my town
Where a casual party or athletic game
Caused people to spew vitriol and shame

I never imagined a virus so cruel
It would keep children from attending school
It would take the lives of people so dear
And keep civilization cowering in fear

I never imagined a Christmas alone
Where my lifeline was family on my cell phone
Where a pet was the only contact I’d get
Long days all alone, my needs left…

If their love seems like something out of a dream — that’s all it is.

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Photo by Amir Taheri on Unsplash

When you’re searching for your other half, beware of the one you meet who will seem too good to be true.

They’ll be charismatic, attractive, a great conversationalist, and will love bomb you with attention. They’ll be witty and funny and talented too. You’ll think you’ve hit the jackpot of love. That’s when you’ve fallen under the spell of the narcissist.

Even though according to studies, true narcissism only occurs in a small percentage of society, many people are labeled a narcissist by others because they have numerous narcissistic traits. Here are some of them:

You’re never sure where you stand.

In the beginning, you are so in love. The narcissist is on their best behavior. They are pursuing you (usually because you have something they need.) They’ll make you feel like you’ve met the love of your life. …


L.A. Strucke

Writer and songwriter. Interests include music, poetry, art, and all things creative. Contributor to numerous publications.

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