Remember that it wasn’t your fault

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Your sibling made your parents look good

Sometimes a child is born that has extraordinary looks or talent. This is the child that people can’t stop…

Because marriage isn’t for everyone.

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Those who believe it’s just a piece of paper

Many people don’t believe in the institution of marriage. To them, it’s just a piece of paper…

These are signs you’re being manipulated.

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Writer, Songwriter, Producer, and Mom

My favorite thing to do. Photo provided by the author.

Early Life

My life began 2 months before my mother’s due date. I had a 50–50 chance to live. My first home was an incubator.


Don’t fall for that fluffy face with the cool sunglasses

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1. He’s self-centered and craves admiration

Is your cat self-centered? Does he spend his time admiring his new sunglasses in the mirror? Does he expect your whole family to tell him how amazing and adorable he is? Those are classic cat signs of narcissism.

Because words do hurt

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Be careful what you say around them.

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And how to deal with it

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Soon you’ll wish you never met them.

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A poem about endings

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L.A. Strucke

Writer and songwriter. Interests include music, poetry, art, and all things creative. Editor of The Creative Project.

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